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LOCAL: Spinning Success for Children In Need!

It’s that time of year again, and with presumed long-dead celebrities returning from cryogenic sleep in the name of charity, both the Student Union and Sport Brighton took to the bikes to play their part in aid of Children in Need.


One o’clock on Thursday 14th November marked the beginning of a 24-hour sponsored spinathon. Spinning classes were run between one and nine on the Thursday and between seven and one on the Friday, with the ambition of getting as many people involved as possible. No fixed allotments of time were put in place; it was simply a case of jump on and cycle for as long as you saw fit, which must have been relief for the exercise-allergic.  For those of you unaware of what spinning is, it basically involves a static bike, some fixed gears and a shed-load of pain. But all for a good cause!

Speaking to the Deputy Head of Sport Brighton, Michelle Page, it is clear that the Student Union were aiming to make sure they raised as much money as possible. Therefore, besides the spinning, a raffle was run, with fantastic prizes including two tickets kindly donated by the Brighton and Hove Albion, and a four-month membership to the gym. There was also a pub quiz at seven o’clock on Thursday, so it’s clear to see that genuine effort and organisation went into it to ensure everyone could get involved.

Other organisations from around the University took part as well; the Environment Team brought along their smoothie bikes, which, if you couldn’t guess, are bikes powering a smoothie maker on the end. This was part of their ‘See Change’ campaign, and definitely helped put some fun into being environmentally friendly! Throughout Friday, the Ichiban Karate club were on hand selling cakes for the same cause. Member of the club, Lydia Vadgama, mentioned how they were told that they were able to use some of the proceeds towards the development of their team, upon which she stated that they “just want to promote our club” and they were there to sell the cakes and help make a difference. (If you’re interested in joining, the club meets at Falmer Sports Centre on Mondays from 8 – 9.30 and Cockroft gym on Fridays from 7.30 – 9).


Upon asking Michelle how much they were hoping to raise with their efforts, she replied: “as much as possible!”. You’ve got to admire her enthusiasm, and the collective efforts of all the groups involved; over both days, with collection-buckets and the online donation page, the team managed to raise a whopping £703.19 for Children in Need. On top of that, the Student Union are currently holding talks with Santander, who may be adding another £350 to the total.

Thank you to everyone involved, and if you’d like to help make difference please visit to donate.


Written by Chloe Barratt

The Verse

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