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LOCAL: 15th Annual Varsity Games

 This Wednesday the University of Brighton will host the 15th annual Varsity in which the sports teams of Brighton and Sussex go head-to-head in their local rivalry.
Last year the Panthers were victorious, winning the trophy back from Sussex with eleven wins to six. Many of the matches, including basketball and rugby, went down to the wire with Brighton securing the win by just a single point.
There will, however, be no rugby match between the two universities this year as Sussex’s team was disbanded due to the behaviour of the club throughout the last academic year.
The event will be based at Sussex and Brighton’s Falmer campuses and you can find the times and venues of each of the fixtures at the bottom of this page.
All spectators are welcome, with free admission, but Varsity t-shirts and foam fingers are available from Cockroft SU or the SportBrighton reception. The t-shirts are £8 and include free access to the official Varsity after-parties at Oceana and Atlantis.
Written by Tom Roddy

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