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NEWS: Watts going on? Further changes proposed at Moulsecoomb campus

The Verse’s Chanelle Manton reflects on further proposed developments at University of Brighton’s Moulsecoomb’s campus.

Plans by Estate and Management Facilities have been revealed today proposing a complete refurbishment of Watts 6th floor at University of Brighton’s Moulsecoomb campus, housing the School of Media.

The proposed changes include a transformation of half of the space, currently compiled of three teaching spaces, seven offices shared by lecturers, a media kit room, and the Student Support and Guidance (SSGT) office.

The redesign will be apparently be completely open-plan, in which ‘pods’ will be available for booking.

The Verse is not yet certain what stage the plans are in and is awaiting statements from several parties on the matter.

However, the question that we are asking is how yet more of these ‘improvements’ are being funded, especially with the recent demise of our beloved Big Lemon bus partly due to financial constraints.

In addition, what will happen to our tutors? Where will they conduct their research and vital work? What about the valuable kit room for loaning equipment, or the highly-valued confidential SSGT space where students receive advice and support?

And finally, what impacts are these ‘improvements’ having on the current generations of students? Visual pollution already plagues the area after the demolition of the Field Café which can be seen from across the road at Mithras House. Is the University sacrificing the experience of students now for those to come?

More to follow.


You can sign the petition here to resist the proposed changes.


Images by Chanelle Manton



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