The Verse’s Student Voice Editor Liberty Gatcombe talks registering to vote and why it’s probably the best thing you can do for your future

If you’ve been avoiding your news apps lately, I don’t blame you. It can get pretty monotonous hearing about Brexit, Boris and the big will we won’t we of an upcoming election.

If you have been hiding under rock then it might be worth knowing, a general election is very much on the cards for December 12th.

With everything you have going on at University registering to vote may well be at the very bottom of your to-do list, if on the list at all but, it’s probably one of the best things you can do for your future.

Now you may be thinking – “I’m already registered at to vote at home, I can’t register twice”, but the good news is you can! 

When it comes to voting day, however, you’ll only be able to vote in either your hometown or here in Brighton.  So the perks of being registered to vote here as well, is that you don’t have to worry about being here or there.


Voting is one of the best ways to have a say in how the country is ran. The thought of trawling through party manifestos can seem incredibly overwhelming but there are plenty of resources online that help making that decision easier.

For example helps you align your beliefs and morals with political manifestos. This can be a good way to know how best to cast your vote and also a good starting block to know more about what parties are out there.

The other sneaky perk of registering to vote is that it puts you on the electoral roll. Sounds pretty beige and nothing to get exciting about but, being on the electoral roll can actually improve your credit score.

This is what lenders such as banks and credit card companies use to decide whether to lend you money, be it for a car, extra cash or even a mortgage. It isn’t just about loans though it can help when looking to rent and even getting a phone contract.

Now that’s pretty cool. 


First things first, register to vote. It takes less than 5 minutes and couldn’t be an easier process. Not sure if you’re already registered? Check here.

The deadline to register is 21st of November, so whilst there is plenty of time, don’t let it slip your mind. You don’t want the disappointment of finding out you can’t vote when the day comes around.

Second, I’d start following political parties on social media, get a sense for what different members of parliament (MPs) are talking about. 

It doesn’t have to a mind-numbing experience. If you think about the things you love and stand for, why not have a look for what MPs are supporting these projects, communities or looking for the positive change you believe in.

And if you’ve moved away from home for the first time, this is a great chance to get an understanding for what it is you believe in and what it is you believe will make for a better future. 

Voting is an incredibly empowering experience so don’t dread this general election, get excited about being part of positive change! 

Student Voice Editor

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