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Restaurant review: MOD Pizza

The Verse’s Madeline Denman tells us what she thought of MOD – the superfast pizza joint based in the picturesque setting of Brighton’s Marina.

Being a student stuck between low budgets and little free time, eating out is rarely an option – unless the parents come to visit of course. So when looking for a place to enjoy a little treat out with friends, there are usually three standard requirements: speed, affordability and atmosphere. At MOD Pizza all three can be ticked off the list with gusto.

Upon arriving into the trendy pizza parlour, we were greeted by very friendly staff who took us to the ‘pick-and-mix’ style toppings counter. For an amazingly affordable fixed price of £7.47 you can add as many toppings onto your pizza as you wish. With a wide range of sauces, meats, vegetables and cheeses there’s undoubtedly something for everyone. Better still, if you happen to make a poor choice of ingredients you can re-create your pizza for free!

If you’re not a pizza lover, don’t panic! They have a range of salads with the same ‘choose-your-own’ style again for a fixed price. Or if you’re unsure of where to start you can choose from their list of favourite pizzas and salads and alter them to your palette.

Once you are satisfied with your creation, keeping to its street food origins you pay before even taking your seat. This makes it extremely easy to split the bill between friends (standard student problems solved!). With free soft drink refills and a short wait for the pizza to cook, there’s no hassle of waiting to be served. There’s always music playing adding to the youthful vibe, appealing to both children and students.

When your order is ready your name will be called out and you can add extra sauces on top. Our creation was a normal tomato and cheese base with mushrooms, olives, broccoli, parmesan and pesto oil. We were hugely impressed with the quality of crispy crust pizza, tasting just like a real Italian street vendor. They also sell a range of sweet treats for your post-pizza appetite as well as milkshakes with a choice of add-ins such as cookie dough or sea salt toffee.

Although it’s located a little further out of town, being at the Marina certainly has its perks. Not only are there beautiful views of the sea and the docks, there is so much to do around you. Not to mention you can have your pizza or salad as take out and explore the area. It makes a wonderful day out with your friends with only a short bus ride!

MOD Pizza meets all the requirements of a delicious, student-friendly meal out with friends or family. It is definitely worth a visit.

MOD Pizza is at 1, The Boardwalk, Brighton Marina, BN2 5ZB

Tel: 01273 699069 / Web:

Opening Times: Mon – Sun: 11am – 11pm




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