ALBUM REVIEW: Mr Ekow – The Cosmic Journey

Mr Ekow has recently completed his latest EP ‘The Cosmic Journey’ due for release 6th May 2015. This project is a continuation from his first EP ‘The Magnificent Journey’, which carries the creative theme of a group of robots in search of their creator.

Influenced by artists such as Flying Lotus, Outkast and Nas, Chris Gaisie, better known by his stage name Mr Ekow, is a Rapper from Croydon, who explores a range of thought-provoking topics through his music. The Cosmic Journey is filled with creatively crafted songs with a unique sound and theme throughout.

The Edge is the first song on the EP. With a misty backing track resonating throughout the song, a space-like scene is created, assisted by a drum-like tempo to form a funky beat. Rhythmically riding on top of these instrumentals is Ekow’s rapping, giving insight into what the record is about. Instantly the South Londoner takes us on a journey, through embedding metaphors into his lyrics to create the motif of searching for something greater than ourselves. The lyrics “do you wonder where the map could end?” repeat several times throughout the song, leaving listeners in deep thought.


Lil’ Blue Dot explores this adventure further through Ekow’s creative analogies. Rapping about his sense of awe of the universe, assisted by twinkling bells in the electronic soundtrack, he paints a mental image of shimmering stars in space.

My favourite track on the EP is Causation. Its clapping cadence and varied instrumentals coaxes you to bop along to the compelling beat. In addition, its echoing chorus “Rise for another, cry for another, stand up tall and fight for another” adds to the uplifting mood of the song. Vocals are also featured on the EP as Ruth Ellen and Ebonie G sing on Zero G 4 Me and Star Nav. Furthermore, Contact contains a Spoken Word Piece from poet Titi The Writer, adding to the uniqueness of the record as a whole.

The Cosmic Journey will be available to download on bandcamp on Wednesday 6th May 2015. Mr Ekow will be using the funds from this project to contribute towards Tearfund’s Nepal Earthquake Appeal.

Check out the official music video for ‘Star Nav’ here.

Track Listing:

Chapter 1: The Edge

Chapter 2: Lift OFF (ft mStork)

Chapter 3: Lil’ Blue Dot

Chapter 4: Star Nav (ft. Ebonie G)

Chapter 5: Zero G 4 Me (ft. Ruth-Ellen)

Chapter 6: Causation

Chapter 7: Contact (ft. Titi the Writer)

Chapter 8: Goodbye/Reach (ft Rhetorical)

Chapter 9: Down to Earth

Review by Maxine Harrison

The Verse Staff

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