POLITICS: #TEAMBADGER – What can you do about the Badger Cull?


In the last few weeks parliament has sadly given the green light to go ahead with a badger cull. Disgusting right? We all loved Badger and Badger (with their unhealthy obsession for mash potato). People in support of the cull argue it is necessary in order to control the rise of bovine tuberculosis in cattle, which has supposedly been caused by the recent rise in badger population.

The cull will mean that up to an estimated third of the badger population will be killed; and as culling cannot be selective many perfectly (CUTE) healthy badgers will be slaughtered as merely ‘collateral damage.’ A massive 5,000 badgers are expecting to be killed over the next six weeks and in fact, as many as 6 out of 7 badgers killed are most likely to be TB free.

If those facts don’t make you angry enough than get a hold of this… scientific consensus does NOT support a cull of badgers. The RSPCA claim that more than 30 of the top animal disease experts describe the cull as a “costly distraction” that risks making the problem of tuberculosis in cattle even worse, and that it will cost far more than it saves. Lord Krebs, a respected science adviser to the government, has told the BBC the badger cull plan is a ‘crazy scheme that just won’t work’. The RSPCA have spoken out and claim that the answer is in vaccination, increased levels of testing and improved biosecurity, as these are more effective ways of dealing with the problem in the long term and to completely eradicate bovine TB in cattle for good.

And if all that isn’t enough to make you do something about it (besides kick Cameron hard in his fucking badgers) look at who is getting involved; even Queen’s guitarist Brian May is speaking out for our black and white furry friends. So far more than 288,000 people have signed his ‘Stop The Badger Cull e-petition’, which will hopefully force parliamentary debate.  (Sign a petition here! http://www.38degrees.org.uk/page/s/badgers-petition#petition)

What can you do?

Sign the petition! Make sure that your voice is heard. Do whatever you can. Thanks to the hippy-esque animal loving vibe we have in Brighton the march on the 3rd November was a massive success, with hundreds of protestors marching down the streets dressed at badgers. Want to join the Hastings march? Then get down to Hastings town centre at 2pm on 23rd November. Also, for more information and facts on the cull come down to Lush Cosmetics on East Street on Saturday 16th November to join the in store protest to raise awareness. I will be dressed as a badger there myself… so it’ll be worth it, I promise.

Written by Katherine Buggy

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