Have you been to Brighton Fringe yet?

The Verse’s Alex Berdugo tells us all there is to know about Brighton Fringe in his Fringe preview…

England’s largest arts festival, Brighton Fringe, makes a much-anticipated comeback this month. The festival aims to promote a diverse range of arts, allowing a pathway for new and old artists to make an appearance on the scene. As there are no entry standards to create your own Fringe event, anybody can take part. It is a festival deeply embedded in the culture of Brighton, with 50% of participants being local to Brighton and Hove. This year’s homegrown talent is truly exceptional, not only performing but setting up workshops to help others develop professionally in their art.

From the 5th of May to the 7th, The Dance Trail will be taking part in various areas around Brighton and Hove. Starting at Montpelier Place Baptist Church and locating to different scenery, The Dance Trail aims to explore issues in everyday life: ‘borders, barriers, belonging and if it all even matters.’ There will collection of short dance pieces that act out these topics, using movement as a voice of protest and change. For a mere £9, you could not ask for a more intriguing and unique event.

Broken Air will show for the first time on the 26th of May, using the unfortunate early death of Cornish landscape artist Peter Lanyon as inspiration. Passing as a result of an air gliding accident, Broken Air will be demonstrating Lanyon’s ambition and lust for life through thought provoking imagery and superbly choreographed theatre. Expect existential questions and a humbling sense of humour to bring you back to earth.

In the latter period of Brighton Fringe, for can catch award winners EFES for only £5. Critically acclaimed dance and a no-holding-back approach to art, EFES are ready to leave their mark with a mentally and physically impressive display of skills. They hope to bring the audience to a realisation of the ‘Zero Mark’, exploring its emptiness and infinity of its nature. Amsterdam Fringe described them as “a captivating, explorative study of movement and trust”. It would be a crime to not see these sensational dancers on the 3rd and 4th of June.

There is something for everybody at Brighton Fringe 2017, don’t miss out on all of the one-off and unique events!

For a full list of the 950 events at Brighton Fringe this year, head to the Brighton Fringe website HERE.

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