REVIEW: Jimmy Carr @ Brighton Dome, 23/02/2020

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Carr is ‘Terribly Funny’ on his return to Brighton

Known for his characteristic laugh, Jimmy Carr has gained popularity in recent years. Carr appeared on the comedy scene in 2000, after a miserable time in the marketing department at Shell. Since then, Carr’s fan base has rocketed. He has done a number of guest appearances on TV shows and countless stand-up events. He presents shows such as 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown and The Big Fat Quiz of the Year.

Comedy goers of Brighton gathered at the Brighton Dome last month to witness Jimmy Carr’s new show: Terribly Funny. Carr announced at the beginning that it was going to be a show containing a lot of jokes about terrible things. One in which political correctness is out the window.

It was a show full of heckles, gags and many inappropriate jokes, nothing out of character for Carr. Audience members were in non stop laughter all night thanks to his witty humour and topical gags.

Carr joked about a variety of touchy subjects throughout the show. He admitted that if he insulted everyone then no group or individual could feel singled out. This was an interesting stance to take. Whilst it is a wonder that he hasn’t been censored for the content he produces, Carr warned the audience at the beginning of the night that jokes are just jokes. No harm is intended to come from them. He claimed that making a joke about an act, is not the same as actually doing the act.

At various points throughout the show, Carr took a break from his script and made an effort to connect with his audience. He didn’t leave it there. He bounced off this, making jokes about the people he spoke to. His witty humour and quick thinking is really a credit to his talent. He was able to go off script and make up jokes on the spot is no easy task. It was truly something to see a comedian be able to jump on and off script with such confidence and watch him make relevant, funny jokes under pressure. Despite the various insults, Carr made the audience come together, uniting the people of Brighton on a cold, February night.

Jimmy Carr has added an extra date to this tour. He is scheduled to return to the Brighton Dome again in November. So, if you didn’t manage to grab tickets this time, be sure to pick some up for his next show. Like I said, Carr made jokes about a plethora about inappropriate subjects, so be aware of this before stepping into the theatre.

Chloe Price

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