Preview: Ross Noble is coming to entertain the Brighton Dome

For most of us, talking to any size of crowd with no script is a nightmare. Now, imagine doing that, not only without a script, but without a clue what you are going to talk about as well. This is the daily touring life of comedian Ross Noble. You may know him more from his TV appearances such as QI and Dave’s original ‘Ross Noble: Freewheeling”, but on January the 31st and February the 1st he entertains Brighton at the Dome on his latest tour: Tangentleman

Photo source: Purple Prose Mystery

Noble’s live show is a sight to see. The result of spontaneously coming up with things to talk about leads him from heckling the crowd, to inviting items to be placed on stage at the interval to draw inspiration. He often will talk at length about a suggested topic, before taking it in a different direction he likes, and then finally finishing it off at the end.

The man himself describes his shows as:

“going on stage, and I improvise stuff… The best way to describe it is some comedians write out lists of words, to remind them what to say, whereas my show is like taking a bucket full of cartoon characters and melting them, then taking that melted cartoon sludge, putting it in a water pistol, and firing it into the air.”

His latest tour takes him through until February this year, and having started in September last year, the best is surely yet to come!

Ross Noble’s latest DVD show is available now from reputable shops and online retailers.

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