The perfect day time meal…

You come down with your friends for the perfect get-away weekend in Brighton. It is exceedingly hot, all you want are chips and ice-cream, yet there is no space on the beach and you know your space will be taken. In perfect timing for the summer season, Fish + Liquor opens to give you all the classic tastes you want for a Brighton day out, yet hidden away from the ruckus in a simple setting on Madeira Drive.

Fish + Liquor Is a restaurant and takeaway, having recently overhauled past attempts in a new, fresh format. The walls are plastered with 1970s/80s comic books, yet isn’t overwhelming as the windows are large, letting the sun in evenly, meaning that no-one would be reluctant to come in. In fact, the friendly waitresses that served us would make me want to come back again.

I was disappointed that the menus were on paper and stapled together, but I assume this was because many of the new and exciting dishes that are unique to the restaurant, including pea fritters and the ‘fish dog’ (a fish cake/hot dog hybrid that the staff were really excited about arriving soon) which are not on the menu yet… certainly going to return for that!

The menu is small, with all the classics that can be bought on the pier instead brought conveniently to the table (all responsibly caught too: something to shout about more I say!) – fishcakes, cod, plaice and haddock. It seems odd to say that it’s really hard to find good chips in Brighton, but when you have so many to compare it is very easy to weasel out the bad ones. Luckily, Fish + Liquor’s chips come in a cute metal bucket and arer perfect – you get given a mountain-load and they’re delicious! On top of this, our food had no faults, and we especially loved the presentation of wooden plank boards and mini frying pans (wish I could have brought one home!).


Whilst I was very excited about hearing that a mixologist would always be on call in the restaurant, I didn’t see any cocktails on the menu, and so I bought a Kopparberg instead (though the local beers such as Bison Beer are great options too). As it turns out, the cocktails are written on a blackboard whilst all other drinks are on the menu, so I was a bit disappointed in this communication flaw (especially as the waitresses never offered me cocktails as an option).

Overall, me and my friend had a great experience. The food is perfect, the temperature inside was ideal and I left wanting to come back. After talking to the staff about my great time and how students would love the place, I received a direct message on Twitter the next day:

All students with valid student cards or NUS cards will receive a 20% discount – I have used many student discounts before, and I can safely say this is a GREAT one!

I am confident that within the next few months, Fish +Liquor will become a raging success. Fish and Liquor is open 7 days a week, and they can be found on Twitter at @FishLiquor.

By Robert Bone

The Verse Staff

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