REVIEW: Jimmy Balito @ The Hope and Ruin, 08/02/2020

three people singing on stage
Credit: Alice Pierre

Jimmy Balito brings an aspiring and energetic set to Brighton

Where does one start describing Jimmy Balito and his live performance? The energetic rhythms that had everyone on their feet. The happy vibes in combination with the vivid presence on stage filled the room with rhythmic sounds that made everyone in The Hope and Ruin dance and sing along during the whole set. The show was a chance for all of us to get a taste of his new self-released album, coming out this March, all the while making us even more impatient for the release of his new single ‘Wavey Davey’ released on the 21st of February.

The artist started his singing career as a choir boy at a really young age and got a classical music education until the age of 16. He admits that he always knew that he wanted to entertain people, while jokingly calling himself the class-clown. His musical influences include Carole King, Elton John, Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder, mainly because, as he shared with us: ‘I really like all these guys with really big, huge voices with the big, authentic songs’. This is exactly what he aspires to be as a musician.

Man singing on stage holding a guitar
Credit: Alice Pierre

Even though those influences are all solo acts, Jimmy started out performing with bands, and had to find his own style and rhythm in order to understand what he wanted to do and where he stands in the musical world.

‘I always tried to force my music into a setting that really didn’t suit it. I wanted the band for that band relationship, but I had to really go off and write for myself.’

Writing, however, cannot be characterised as a standard process for Jimmy. The lyrics never come first, and he prefers to work on the melody and a few words here and there, until he comes up with the whole song. Jimmy spoke about his experience at The Voice 2019, in which he placed third. He makes us realise how difficult and stressful the procedure is in a reality show like this one, while at the same time keeping close attention to what it offered him.

‘It helped me see that it was almost goals that seemed like dreams, but they don’t have to be dreams and they are achievable’ which is a wonderful and motivating way to describe how everything is possible if you actually try and believe in it.

Man talking into microphone
Credit: Alice Pierre

But what is Jimmy’s biggest dream after The Voice? What is his dream and how far does he want to go in the music world?

‘I wanna be up there with the big guys’ he says referring to his main musical influences, ‘My dream is to play in the Royal Albert Hall’ and ‘if my music just helps everyone forget about all the heaviness they are carrying about their day, or the worries, and sit there for a moment, enjoy the music, dance and smile, that’s good for me.’

From his performance, one thing is for sure, we danced, we sang, and we laughed, so is it too rebellious to say that he is already on his way to his goal? Who knows? Get excited, have fun and be patient until the new album comes out and remember:

Man singing and playing guitar
Credit: Alice Pierre

‘Goals might seem like dreams, but they are not dreams, they are achievable’ – Jimmy Balito

Konstantina Gkertsou

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