REVIEW: The Script @ Brighton Centre, 25/02/2020

Brighton lights up as The Script and Becky Hill bring magic and playful audience spirit to the Centre

Credit: Alice Pierre

A colourful, fairy-tale like performance took place with Becky Hill and The Script rocking the stage. The sold out Brighton Centre was left with an aftertaste of adrenaline following the excitement and energy making every single one of us lose track of time and ask for more.

Becky Hill’s pop, funky and electro beats had the crowd rise and dance with her. She put a smile on everyone’s faces as she performed, as she said, songs that mean a lot to her. Showered in purple lights with a very simple background reminding the audience of her name, her energy on stage warmed everyone up for the main event. The audience were able to focus on her stunningly beautiful voice, somewhat matching with her outfit making her look like a fairy coming straight out of a dream world.

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Credit: Alice Pierre

The 26-year-old singer made her first live performance on “The Voice” in 2012, and reached the semi-finals on the team of Jessie J. Since then, the artist has released multiple singles and her first mini album “Get to Know” was released in 2019. She will soon start her own touring journey, with Brighton as one of her stops in December 2020.

Becky Hill definitely created the right atmosphere, leaving us excited about her show and yet impatient for what was about to happen. But honestly, I don’t think any of us were prepared for the astounding performance The Script gave us, leaving us all speechless.

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Credit: Alice Pierre

The colourful background streaming the event live. There were special effects depicting waterfalls, lights, space, stars and Earth. This abundance of effects along with the music highlighted the amazing dynamic that the artists have between themselves and with their audience. Everything was there to encourage the crowd to scream the songs’ lyrics to the top of their lungs and enjoy every single moment of the concert.

A stimulating live, as the crowd was taking part in every single second of the show, with Danny (O’Donoghue, lead singer) not only singing with the fans, but also getting lost in-between in the pit, grabbing the cameras and filming the public, showing everyone the love they were receiving during the performance. A love he was physically showing at the end of the show: “The love is so much in this place I am sweating hearts!”, revealing the front of his T-shirt where a heart-shaped stain had appeared, due to his sweat. What a great detail universe, you know how to create a paradox!

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Credit: Alice Pierre

However, the band didn’t stop there and not only decided to perform two songs in the audience, moving their instruments and all the cameras to the balcony. They then got quite playful, asking the fans at the front row to call their ex. One lucky girl – named Danni, funnily enough – thus got to listen to The Script perform live their song “Nothing” on the phone and couldn’t help but send a text full of hearts to her ex in the end. Could anyone imagine a better way to express their feelings (and maybe try and get back with someone they still love)? For those interested, here is the perfect way to win me back, by the way.

Last but not least, the moment that we were all waiting for! “Hall of Fame” being performed live, who didn’t enjoy that. Hands and phones in the air, mimicking the stars appearing on the giant screen behind the artists, the crowd sang every single word alongside the band, making the venue shiver with adrenaline and creating the feeling that the show wasn’t over, even after leaving the hall. In fact, I have never felt more alive and ready for more. No wonder we were all requesting a comeback on the stage – which we got, thank you very much.

For those of you who haven’t seen the band live, not to worry you can still catch them all over the UK  and in some parts of Europe for an unforgettable experience, until mid-July. 

Konstantina Gkertsou

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