REVIEW: University of Brighton, First Years’ Fashion Show @ Grand Parade, 11/03/2020

The Verse’s Konstantina Gkertsou and Fraser Ward attend the University of Brighton’s first years’ fashion show.

Photo credits: Fraser Ward

The Verse has been really busy lately covering musical shows around B-town, getting ready for future concerts, and keeping up with the latest local news. However the student paper wouldn’t be yours if we didn’t cover events relating to student life and news, and in this case, shows organized by our very own.

Thus, Fraser and I went to the fashion show put on by the Fashion Design department and their first years on the 11th of March, designed to show off their work, as part of their final assignment. 

Photo credits : Fraser Ward

Arriving there quite early, we had the chance to get a sneak peak of the preparations happening backstage and talk with the upcoming designers and their models.

It was extremely impressive seeing some of the designers modelling their own clothes, alongside friends of the other artists who had agreed to represent them. 

Photo credits : Fraser Ward

Like it happens for any other fashion show, the final touches were made minutes before the models went on the catwalk, and everyone seemed to enjoy their time, even though I have to admit we were quite a bit annoying, going around the room asking questions and wasting the precious few minutes they had left (sorry guys).

Photo credits : Fraser Ward

Friends and family were soon gathered at the Grand Parade Campus to see the creations of the very inspired designers, and the show brought everything but disappointment.

From everyday wear to evening wear, from clothes that would be suitable in a work environment to outfits that could be found in one of Tim Burton’s movies, every taste was satisfied. Colourful fabrics covered with rhinestones sparkling under the light, fairy-like dresses made with tulle, innovative suits reminding us of a fashionable version of Star Trek, amid the inevitable and still original lace mixed with simpler fabrics, the elegant yet sexy and young-looking suits, both female and male.

Personally, I always genuinely appreciate lace and vivid colours for my outfits, and I should maybe have asked if they sell their creations …

Photo credits : Fraser Ward

Well, I guess this will remain a mystery! But as far as the talent of Brighton students goes, I believe that it will not stop impressing us over the next few years.

We can’t wait to see what they will create for the Graduate Fashion Week! 

Konstantina Gkertsou

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