STUDENTS: ‘I Object’ an anthology of objects

As part of their Publishing module, the Creative Writing MA students at University of Brighton have published an anthology on the theme of objects, available on Kindle via Amazon (link at the end).

In the midst of a global pandemic, 12 students coming from the module The Process of Publishing have, without ever meeting in person, published a collection of their poems, novellas and short stories. ‘I OBJECT’ is the first release of the Glitch publishing company they founded in order to give an outlet to their unique voices and modes of writing.

Currently, his catch was waiting in the hall with a bullet sized hole in each knee. Mr. Murphy had grown accustomed to the whimpers and whines that would seep through the crevasses between the door and the doorframe. It was a monthly event that was as standard a noise as the crackling of the flames at his feet. Fiddling with the matchbox, Mr. Murphy eyed the chalices with a content smile. Sighing, he rose and approached the cabinet again. He carefully stroked the crack of the compromised glass with his index finger, treating it kindly, as if it would hiss at him for being too rough.

– Lisa Hall, ‘A Man, a Chalice and a Rifle’

Exploring the themes of loneliness, discovery, love and hate, loss and memories, through objects of the every-day life, trinkets belonging to childhood and sometimes even intangible items, they have come together to create something in their image, something reflecting on the objects that surround human beings and their memories. Working together and editing each other’s work, their module leader Deborah Philips has said that she “was very touched and impressed by their mutual support of one another – offering praise and constructive advice in seminars, applauding each presentation and providing encouragement. This collection offers an indication of some of the emergent voices who are the writers of the future. Welcome to the Glitch team and to I OBJECT. Enjoy their work, I did.

The anthology is available on Amazon here (and if you don’t own a Kindle, you can download ‘Kindle app’ for both IOs and Android.


Alice Pierre

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