CULTURE: ‘Generation Online’

How is it that we live in an age where it’s easier to meet and talk to people online than it is to approach someone in a café? Or at the pub? One factor might be because we live on our phones. We are ‘Generation Online’.

I always thought of online ‘dating’ (to use the term extremely loosely in this case) as a tragic concept built for people in their late thirties and forties whose biological clock was running down. And in their panic, they choose a mate like a lucky dip name from a hat of potential matches (she says as she downloads tinder from the iPhone app store…)

Yep, I succumbed to my curiosity. And a couple weeks ago I wasted a good few hours swiping right, swiping left, “ooh he’s fit”, swiping right. What is it that’s so entertaining about such a superficial way of meeting people? And does anyone even meet at all?! And is everyone actually there for the same reason (queue an eyebrow rise and elbow nudge)?

Receiving a “hey, how are you? X” makes me want to cry real tears of despair for that individual. On a place like tinder, you’re opener has to be first class; especially if you want that #guarenteedbang. Google cheesy chat up lines; make their name into something hilarious (a personal favourite of mine was “Eliza Doolittle? More like Eliza Do-me-a-lot”), anything apart from the obvious.

Is it actually possible to meet anyone worth more than a notch in your bedpost though? Could it be a place for the foundations of a genuine relationship to be built on? I’m not too sure, but its pretty funny finding out. And if you do happen to find your soul mate on tinder… for one, congrats, and for two, I’m sure when people ask where you met, you’ve mutually decided the answer is “not on tinder.”

Written by Eliza Frost

The Verse Staff

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